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 Nyzul Isle - Floor Types (objectives)

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PostSubject: Nyzul Isle - Floor Types (objectives)   Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:06 pm

There are several different types of objectives in Nyzul. When you get to the floor, clicking on the "Rune of transfer" will tell you what the objective is. It will generally be called out in party chat. However, it is important to know EXACTLY what each floor means and what you are looking for. Here is a brief list/description of each floor type. I'll list floor type followed by what we usually say in party chat.

*Eliminate all enemies (all) - This is self explanatory. There are several mobs on each floor and they all need to die.

*Eliminate enemy leader (leader) - We only need to kill 1 mob on this floor. It will be a Notorious Monster from Aht Urghan. Here is a brief list of what you should be looking for.
  1. Imps - Mokke, Mokka, Mokku
  2. Soulflayers - Vile Ineef, Vile Wahdaha, Vile Yabeewa
  3. Frogs - Eriri Samariri, Oriri Samariri, Uriri Samariri
  4. Flan (Custard) - Anise Custard, Caraway Custard, Cinnamon Custard, Cumin Custard, Ginger Custard, Mint Custard, Nutmeg Custard, Vanilla Custard
  5. Qiqirn - Gem Heister Roorooroon, Quick Draw Sasaroon, Stealth Bomber Gagaroon
  6. Chariots - Battledressed Chariot,
    Long-Gunned Chariot, Long-Horned Chariot, Shielded Chariot
  7. HNMs (armor drop floors only) - Adamantoise Adamantoise, Behemoth, Fafnir, Cerberus, Hydra, Khimaira

*Eliminate specified enemy (one) - Similar to leader, we only need to kill 1 mob. For this floor, you have to check each mob until you find one that checks as "Impossible to gauge". Keep in mind, the mob we're looking for will NEVER be an NM, an Archaic Rampart, or an Archaic gear/gears. It will be a normal mob.

*Eliminate specified enemies (family) - For this, there will be a specific group of mobs that need to be defeated. It's important to remember that there will only be 2-5 members of family. Here's a brief list of what you should be looking for.
  1. Ebony Puddings
  2. Heraldic Imps
  3. Poroggo Gents
  4. Psycheflayers
  5. Qiqirn Treasure Hunters
  6. Qiqirn Archaeologists
  7. Racing Chariots

*Activate all lamps (lamps) - These floors are unique in the fact that the Rune of transfer does not tell you what you need to do. It is VERY important to find a "runic lamp" as quickly as possible and touch it. This will tell you the TYPE of lamps we are dealing with. DO NOT ACTIVATE THE LAMP. You can touch the lamp without activating it. Touch it and shout it out in party what we're doing.
  1. Registration - There is only one lamp on the floor. Everyone will need to touch it. When you touch it, it will say "Your certification code has been registered." Once everyone touches it, the floor is over.
  2. Order - There will be 3-5 lamps that need to be activated in a specific order. One person, usually a mage so they rest MP, will stay behind to take the group up. These need to be taken step by step.
    *First, find all lamps. When you find one say "Runic lamp, <Found it!>" (use "<t>" of course). Once all lamps are found, cut ALL party chat.
    *The person calling will put an order into party chat. Do not hesitate. Activate your lamp, then say "/" so the next person can go. Nothing will happen UNTIL all lamps are activated.
    *After they are all activated, the lamps come on. If your lamp turns off again, you need to say so. After people say their lamp is off, the caller will ask who's lamp is lit. Put "/" if your lamp is lit. This means you are in the right order. Trust me, stopping all party chatter will help enormously.
  3. Same time - There will be 3-5 lamps that need to be activated at the same time. Similar to order, we will spread out and find the lamps first. When you find one, say so. The caller will say a time. Activate at the right time. We don't need to test it... but you have a 5 second window to activate the lamp. Activate it, then "/" so we know yours was pressed.
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Decent Challenge
Decent Challenge

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PostSubject: Lamps   Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:18 pm

Here is a suggestion for multi lamp floor...

there will be 3-5 lamps so that leaves one of us staying near the objective lamp (climb lamp).

The rest should have some form of sneak/inviz and please try to know your mob. If you are not sure ask if mob is sight or sound or both...

Immediately click on lamp to understand what is our goal (lamp order, simultaneous or not)

If its lamp order and we have ppl on each lamp, EVERYONE who has a lamp should activate their lamp. say "/" soon as you activate yours. say "ON" if your stays lit AFTER everyone activates their lamp. This will help us determine who is the first lamp owner. Say "OFF" if your lamp goes off. Loth or myself will then provide lamp order based on whose lamp stays on...I may give this responsibility to Loth since I am usually busy typing about or checking mobs around the area.
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PostSubject: Order Lamps   Mon Sep 21, 2009 6:06 pm

When you have order lamps it is best that when the members find a lamp that they say so. One member should call out the order and the members that have the lamps type / when they have activated them. Then when the lamp stays on the members of the lamp should say on or off. This will insure that the member calling the order knows which people to switch to get the objective met with a quick speed. I have found out that having one person only call order and the people give imputs as in / when turned on and on or off when the lamp is activated will make this a lot easier.

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PostSubject: Re: Nyzul Isle - Floor Types (objectives)   

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Nyzul Isle - Floor Types (objectives)
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