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 An ALL ENCOMPASSING White Mage Guide by Kendrith

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PostSubject: An ALL ENCOMPASSING White Mage Guide by Kendrith   Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:38 pm

I figured I would start a guide, since I've been a 75WHM for a while. This is surely going to be a work in progress, so stay tuned for more updates to this post. This information is owned by Kendrith (Real name excluded.) Improper use of this guide will result in me being very angry Mad

As this is a Dynamis linkshell, I would first like to cover general White Mage nettiquette when going into Dynamis. (This also includes things like Nyzul Isle, or missions that stretch over a long period of time.)

Do not rest when your Mana Pool is above 20 percentile. (To check your percentile, type in ). This is a HUGE pet peeve! You should not be resting when your mana is high enough to cast a Cure V! It'll make your Paladin mad.

Cast your buffs BEFORE going into Dynamis! This includes but is not limited to Protectra, Shellra, and Reraise. This way, you can rest up before entering, ready to kill you some monsters! It's important to note here that spells like Haste, Stoneskin, Blink, Bar spells, and Auspice, should not be used until you are INSIDE your Dynamis zone! These spells have much less of a duration time.

There is absolutely no excuse for not having Protectra and Shellra cast on your party at all times!

You have job abilities. With some good meriting, you might even have Devotion and Martyr. Do not be afraid to use your job abilities! (The exclusion here would be Benediction. Do not use Benediction when your Alliance is in the middle of a pull. You can use Benediction when everyone is recouping, or after everyone unweakens from a whipeout.)

This one is VERY important! Memorize this order! When a whipe happens, or multiple people have been KO'd, there IS a Raising order. It's as follows.
White Mages without Reraise ---> Black Mages ---> Red Mages ---> Jobs with Raise ---> Damage Dealers. (Thanks Lothandar for the order.)

Like a Star @ heaven Other Helpful Hints for WHM while in Dynamis! Like a Star @ heaven

Like a Star @ heaven Stay in the back! Do not get in AoE area! It will waste your Stoneskin and possibly kill you!

Like a Star @ heaven Cast Regen! This spell gives +20 HP per tick unmerited and costs MUCH less than a Cure 3

Like a Star @ heaven Haste Order - YOURSELF FIRST --->Paladin ---> Ninja ---> Samurai ---> Monk (By request, if THF's ask, keep them Hasted.)

Like a Star @ heaven Bring equipment customized for the event. DO NOT come into a Dynamis run with +ATT gear on, you're not a WHM/NIN. Below I will list some good armor to come by for use in Dynamis.

{{ Noble's Tunic }} - Refresh
{{ Light Staff }} +10 percent to Cures
{{ Dark Staff }} +MP while resting
{{ Errant Hoppleaude }} +MP while resting
{{ Blessed Gear }} - +Haste and a decent +MP
{{ Cookies }} Help you heal MP quicker.
{{ Pies }} Give you +MP and MND
{{Mushroom Sautee }} Expensive, but has great stats and last for HOURS!
{{ Hedgehog Pie }} Amazing stats, but also expensive.


Starting out White Mage - The first 25 Levels

So, you've chosen the White Mage route eh? Well count on endless party invites, lots of hard work, and even a little stress. lol!
Honestly, White Mage is a labor intense job. You are the sole provider of HP in any given party. You also get vital spells like Haste, -na spells, AoE Bar spells, and others. It's important to not underestimate the power of your spells.

Levels 1-10
If you're new to the game, these first ten levels are hard. I found that these first levels are the hardest because you have to solo them, and your curing magic isn't exactly awesome. Basically, solo these first ten levels, possibly twelve levels.

An important thing to note is that when you get banish, dia, et cetera, use them as much as you can. It will really suck when you're a level 75 WHM and you have to skillup for weeks just to get your Divine Magic high enough to repose mobs, or enfeebling high enough to make a Dia 2 do more than 1 point per tick.

Levels 11-20 Valkurm Dunes
These are probably as frustrating as your first ten levels. Getting in noob parties that have three WHMs a SMN a RNG and a SAM, or something like that. Here's a few tips on making a party in Valkurm Dunes.

An optimal setup will have a tank, DD's, a WHM and a BLM. (Valkurm Dunes mobs go much faster when you have a BLM casting enfeebs.)

When you get an invite to a party, do not be afraid to ask about the setup, how long the party has been going on, et cetera. If the setup looks fishy to you, it's probably best to continue solo'ing exp in La Theine PLateau or Konschat Highlands until you get another party invite.

After these slow, agonizing first twenty levels, things will get super easy.

Qufim Island - Level 20-25 or 30*
Qufim Island offers a nice change in scenery, and a big city in which to explore. Jueno also offers more diverse items in it's auction house.
You're most likely going to camp worms until 22. These worms are immobile, so it's really easy to defeat them. Optimal camps are the little pond in the center of the map, and the zone outside of the tunnel.
After level 22, you can fight crabs with your party. At 23 crabs, pugils, and giants will last you until 25.

* If you do not have access to Kazham yet (this is done by completing Tenshodo quests) then you can just synch down to a appropriate level.


Now that you're through your first 25 or 30 levels, let's start taking a look at equipment. As you may notice, there aren't many great things with great stats under level thirty. Below, I have selected equipment for each ten levels. Beware! Do NOT take the standard WHM approach. Personally, I value a WHM that decides which armor is best for them based on the stats that they'd like their job to have. Here we go.

(Weapon)Lvl1Maple Wand - MND+1 INT+1
(Shield)Lvl1Lauan Shield - Defense 1
(Head)Lvl10 Brass Hairpin - HP-4 MP+10 (There is also a level one hairpin that gives you +2 MP You can find it here: Copper Hairpin)
(Body)Lvl1Cobra Tunica- Def1 MP+8

(to beeee continued!)
( cheers this is my first guide, feel free to correct me in PM's, and I will make changes. Also, advice is great, I don't mind criticism, so gimme all ya got!) Like a Star @ heaven
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An ALL ENCOMPASSING White Mage Guide by Kendrith
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