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 How to raid a dyna zone (aka wtf am I doing tonight?)

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PostSubject: How to raid a dyna zone (aka wtf am I doing tonight?)   Tue Sep 29, 2009 8:42 am

Dynamis. You and 23 of your closest (or not so closest) friends all hop into a zone and kill a WHOLE bunch of mobs. It sounds easy right? It is... but there's actually alot of strategy that is involved with doing just that. Below, we're going to talk about what it takes to make a dyna run go smoothly.

You should be aware of where you fit into every run, as you may be asked to come different jobs.

The basic idea
The setup
The idea behind Dynamis is to have a good setup. With a good setup, you can kill for hours without stopping. For this reason, it is important not to get into party until either Jrc, Budah, Horien or Lothandar tells you to. This is to make sure that the linkshell has the jobs available to get a win.

To begin, you need a tank party. This should consist of 4xtanks (PLD's preferrably, but a NIN will do in a pinch), 1xRDM (for refresh) and 1xWHM (THE main healer). Following that, you will need a party for our illustrious BLM's. The party should consist of 5xBLM, and a refresher (either COR or RDM). Add the puller to this, and you have the first alliance you need for dynamis. This alliance has the duty of crowd control, hate control and dealing death to stones.

The second alliance will be your DD alliance. You will always have your main DD party that should be built like a merit party. 4xDD, a brd, and a healer. If you can build an entire, 3 party, DD alliance, mobs will go down QUICK. The trick is to make sure each party is self sufficient.

The strategy
Rather than hit you with vague ideas, math, damage calculations, and hate calculations, I'm going to break it down for us. Since dynamis is nothing more than a series of pulls, I will walk you through a typical pull. After that, it's wash, rinse and repeat. The puller will notify the linkshell who and what he is pulling. As he runs back, 2 blm's will be designated to sleep mobs. The other blm's will concentrate on nuking stones down 1 by 1. As the mobs get to the main group, tanks will meet the charge head on, and start grabbing hate on mobs, even as they are being slept by the blm's. At this time, rdm's need to come in, silence mage mobs and pets, and start laying down enfeebling magic (paralyze, gravity, bind, slow, blind). DO NOT USE DoT'S!!!. As the mobs start waking up, the rdm's will sleep them individually as they wake. This is where DD takes over. There will be a Main Assist from the DD alliance. He will tell you which mob to attack. Everyone in the DD alliance should have an assist macro and now, you will descend upon the mobs like walking death. Just do what you do best. Beat the hell out of things.

That's basically the gist of it all. But, for a quick run down, I've broken your duties down by the jobs you will be asked to come.
These guys are the bread and butter of any smooth dyna run. BLM's are in a party by themselves. They are in charge of several things, including, but not limited to, sleeping pulls, blowing up stones, stunning NIN mobs to prevent mijin, stunning mnk mobs that go Hundred fists, nuking PLD mobs that use invincible, nuking THF mobs that use perfect dodge.. BLM's are literally everywhere in dynamis.
These guys keep everyone else alive. If you ever need to know what a good pld does for you, watch videos of mnk mobs using hundred fists and wiping entire DD alliances. As the mobs are rushing in behind the puller, a good PLD is already moving, voking and flashing mobs to keep them off the blm's. This is KEY. Mages will pull the most hate of ANY job in Dynamis. So many AoE's going off, being used, cures going off like mad. It's the job of the PLD crew to grab that hate and keep everyone else alive.
As someone who leveled RDM for his first 75, the duties of a good RDM in dynamis seem second nature to me. Before Aht Urghan came out, RDM's worked with WHM's in parties and it was their job to land every enfeeble they had on every mob that was brought to camp. Paralyze, Slow, Blind, Gravity, Bind, Dispel... these are the staple of being a RDM. Aht Urghan changed the rules and now RDM is used as a main healer. Well, endgame does not work like bird camps for meripo. We NEED to see those enfeebles. Silence is a MUST. Dispel is a MUST. Gravity is a MUST. Mobs come into camp, and get slept by the blm's. when those mobs wake, they're gonna be pissed. But who cares when the mob is bound, blinded and paralyzed? BST pets come along for the ride? No problem. RDM's have sleep and silence at their fingertips. In Dynamis, we have whm's. And no matter what Aht Urghan did to our perception of RDM, it will NEVER be even half the healer a good WHM is. So understand your role in a dynamis environment.
Just as I finish my rant on RDM's in dynamis, I talked up the WHM. Only, it's not just talk. WHM IS the best job for healing, hands down. Cure V is epic. Pro V and Shell V are beyond epic. All the -na spells, auspice, esuna, erase... The weapons at your disposal are many and each one important. We depend on you to keep us alive, even when we're dumb enough to pull hate from mnk mobs while they are hundred fisting. I could go on and on for days, but let me just say, as intensive and ungrateful as WHM is, thank you for keeping us alive. If I could add one thing, don't forget whm's, you have one of the best weapons for saving pld's large amounts of dmg. I know every whm is conscious of the hate he/she pulls, but you have Flash for a reason. Use it more often. You'll find that it will save quite a few lives. Let's not forget that you also have Afflatus Solace which puts on a short duration of Stoneskin on the person you are healing. Afflatus Solace should be active at all times, you will find that by having this ability active you will save a lot of lives as well.
DD is one of the easiest things to understand and do. You will follow your main assist, attack what he is attacking, and do as much dmg as possible while taking as little dmg as possbile. If you are the kind that can pull hate off a PLD using invincible, you need to come /nin. If you can't pull hate off of a NIN, then you need to come /war. While DD may be easy, you have no idea how much you are being counted on to perform. And to perform at a high level. PLD's and BLM's and RDM's can only keep mobs preoccupied for so long. DD's need to get the mobs on the ground and make it happen fast. So if you're coming as a DD, and you're having problems out-parsing a PLD in your meripo, you may look into improving your gear, your style, or perhaps even moving into a different job. It is VERY important you understand how much we rely on you do do massive amounts of dmg in very short period's of time.
Should we ever get a COR into ls, they are the perfect job. They can use refresh rolls for the blm's. they can increase the dmg done by the blm's. And, they can deal quite a bit of dmg on their own, without requiring a full party to back them up. If anyone is close to having this leveled to 70 , please, it would be a great benefit to the shell.

That is the basic idea behind doing dynamis. Even though it looks like one huge mess throughout the run, there is a very real strategy going on and it takes great playing, great reactions, and an idea of what needs to be done to be truly successful. In closing there are just a few reminders we should keep in mind for runs.

  • Listen to the leaders. They will never ask more than you're able to give. You may not understand why they ask you to do things, but if you have questions, save it for when the run is finished. In the meantime, you should react to commands issued from leaders as a direct command from on high. The faster you react, the less likely things like "wipes" will happen.
  • I hate the dullness of silence as much as anyone. But while we are all funny and like to have fun, this is what party chat is for. Laugh it up all day and night in party chat. But KEEP LINKSHELL CHAT FREE OF CLUTTER. Congratulating people that get gear? Sure. Talking about the latest episode of The Office? Probably not something you should be sharing in the middle of a run.
  • DO NOT AFK. I know Dyna is long. I know we have lives. But you should keep your AFK time to an absolute minimum. Should you have a need to AFK, MAKE SURE your party leader knows.
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Decent Challenge
Decent Challenge

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PostSubject: Cor   Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:23 pm

I can start coming as Cor (75) on Monday's if that will help more than Bard. It's not merited yet tho. ; ; (soon will be if I start using for Dyna) I also can come as Pld or a DD. Just lemme know what you need.
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How to raid a dyna zone (aka wtf am I doing tonight?)
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