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 Something Funny I found.

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Decent Challenge
Decent Challenge

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PostSubject: Something Funny I found.   Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:34 am

Yagudo drink presents...Real men of genius.

Real men of genius~

Today, we salute you, Mr. Aggro master.

Mr. Aggro master!

Where others would be using prism powder and silent oil, you are boldly blazing a trail.

I can't believe it saw me!

When that mission is on the line, and things have to go just perfect, you are there. And you brought "friends."

Sleep these pleeease!

Uncomfortable with a full HP bar and low-stress situations. Only you can make the trip to Byakko more exciting than the fight itself.

Raaaise at eee teN!

So crack open a nice cool yagudo drink, shepherd of the zone, so you can cast sneak. Right next to that animated weapon.

Mr. Aggro master!

Yagudo Drink nyzul isle gear floor, phoenix.
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Something Funny I found.
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