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 Normal Assault Missions for Rank and Items

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Decent Challenge
Decent Challenge

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PostSubject: Normal Assault Missions for Rank and Items   Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:50 pm

Hello, I know most of you save your tags for Nyzul Island. But I was wondering if anyone wanted to do other assaults for getting rank faster and Armor?

There are Three armor sets you can obtain by obtaining points from normal assaults.

Most Armors are just okay but some like the Yigit Gomlek can save a Bard from spending 5 million gil on th Sha'ir Manteel.

Also there are some cool stuff to get with imperial standings (most are R/E) as your rank goes up. Plenty of Weapons and random armor (also mostly R/E) Not to mention the duration of Sanction increases.

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PostSubject: Re: Normal Assault Missions for Rank and Items   Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:09 am

id go im gonna need a perdu sickle sooner or later anyway, getting my own chiv chain would be nice also

golden salvage is a complete joke but its a pain in the ass to imagine doing it 25 times for each rank not to mention theres nothing but crap from ilrusi points lol
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Easy Prey
Easy Prey

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PostSubject: Re: Normal Assault Missions for Rank and Items   Fri Oct 23, 2009 2:55 am

sure i am down for anything new! i love getting killed different ways by strange and weird creatures.. also the experience is totally awesome.... count me in!!
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Decent Challenge
Decent Challenge

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Age : 44
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PostSubject: Re: Normal Assault Missions for Rank and Items   Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:51 am

That is funny. I did do Golden Salvage 25 times. I got the Pahluwan Khazagand, good acc and r acc, and the crit bonus takes me to 11% with merits and grip. so not bad for free.

Anyway here are a few i think we can do with some DD help.

Leujaoam Cleansing


Kill all 15 of the Leujaoam Worms in order to complete the mission.

* Start in the southwest of the map at (F/G-.
* Go north and kill any Leujaoam Worms along the way. After you drop down the ledge to (H-7), head into the northeast tunnel.
* Go up the stairs and kill any worms along the way. Do not worry about the short tunnels because worms do not spawn in them.
* Drop down the hole at (F/G-7). This will drop you back near where you killed your first worm. Go east and take the southeast tunnel.
* When you get to the junction at (H- check to see if there are worms to the east. There is a deadend at (I-7). Turn around and go west.
* Follow the loop to the large room at (I-9). There are six worms here. These often link but are suspectible to sleep and silence.
o This is the most dangerous area of the assault and where many groups lose. You will be worn down from 11 worm fights and so if time permits, resting up may be a good idea. You will often link 2-3 worm in this room, and there is great danger of a Quake or high tier Stonega spell devastating the party if crowd control is not carefully handled. Worms are non-aggressive if you need to wipe and recover.
* When you have killed all the worms, the Rune of Release and Ancient Lockbox appear in (I-, north of the six-worm room.


* It is helpful to have one member count kills as they occur. It is possible, though rare, to run by a worm entirely while it is submerged and moving. Worms appear on widescan.
* You must kill an average of one worm every two minutes to win. This is not a difficult pace, and rushing is more likely to lead to deaths and delay than running out of time.
* Leujaoam Worms, as is standard for worms, cast only stone based magic. Silence, Barstone or vigilant stunning can significantly ease the assault.
* An easy strategy for this Assault is to TP Burn (Four melee, a healer, and a BRD/COR/RDM) through the worms as fast as possible.
* A BLM can solo a worm easily, but it may take time if they are not well equipped. Worms are aspirable.
* Worms are barely Very Tough and they hardly resist Skillchains at all, a darkness/light chain very rarely does less than 50% of the ending Weapon Skill; therefore it can be better than a simple TP burn for small groups. NINx2 SAM and RDM spamming Darkness chains cleared the assault with relative ease, ending with about 8 mins left.

Map if this worked lol

Excavation Duty


Destroy all of the Brittle Rocks.

* You start at (G-11).
* The party will proceed to the wall at (G-10) and destroy it.
* After the (G-10) wall is down, typically one party member will head to the northern wall at (G-6) to solo it. The rest of the party will destroy the wall at (H- and the two at (I-7).
o For specific strategies about how to destroy the walls, refer to Assault Mission - Excavation Duty/Strategy
* Qiqirn Mines will take out the wall in one shot.
o Both kinds of Qiqirn drop Qiqirn Mine temporary items.
o To use a mine, have the person engage the Brittle Rock, use the Qiqirn Mine on it, and stay engaged while it blows it up.
o The mines appear immediately in a player's inventory, without going through the treasure pool.
o The drop rate of these mines may be affected by Treasure Hunter and Moon Phase; you can get more or less than the 4 you need if every Qiqirn is killed.
* Having a bomb Self-Destruct by a wall WILL destroy it completely.
o The bomb must be extremely close to the wall when it blows up. If it is too far away, it will despawn and have no effect on the wall. Getting the positioning correct is said to be difficult.
o You may also need to engage the Brittle Rock for Self-Destruct to take it out.
* The Rune of Release appears at (F-10).
o It takes roughly 2:45 to run from the furthest Brittle Rock at I-7 to the Rune of Release with quickening active. This time will vary if the runner does not have invisible and needs to wait for bombs to move.


See Assault Mission - Excavation Duty/Strategy.

* The Brittle Rocks will take 0-22 damage from normal melee and magic attacks (uncapped).
* Elemental enfeebles (such as Burn) will never get fully resisted (i.e: "resists the spell" message) by Brittle Rocks, so even a lower level Black or Red Mage may be able to solo the northern wall with the usual DoT strategy regardless of level cap.
* The Qiqirn Ceramists have very high Evasion because they're Thiefs; Sushi and/or Madrigal recommended.
* Weapon Skills are unlikely to perform significantly better at greater than 100 TP. Holding TP will almost certainly lower total damage output.
* Skillchains seem to always produce zero damage. Magic bursting is untested. **Compression and Darkness Skillchains have been seen to do minor damage
* Critcal hits seem to experience some damage limitation, they do not produce damage as proportional high as they would elsewhere.
* The Brittle Rocks are susceptible to Sneak Attack if Hide is used first. Combining Hide with Sneak Attack is a good way to do a 40 damage hit every 5 minutes.
* Thief 60+ can use Trick Attack effectively on the Brittle Rock. It is recommended to only do this with Weapon Skills because melee attacks will not always reach the target when standing behind a teammate, while Weapon Skills have slightly greater range. It has also been observed that more damage is dealt from stacking Trick Attack with a Weapon Skill than performing them separately.
* RDM en-spells generally result in 0 additional DMG. However, with enhancing equipment (eg: Fencer's Ring, Hollow Earring, Enhancing Sword) en-spells may inflict non-zero damage. A consistent 1 additional DMG, with 0-3 as a range, is commonly reported. *** Tried this with +30 enhancing 75 rdm. Waste of time; nothing above 0 damage.
* Drain Samba will work on the Brittle Rocks. Note however that Drain Samba does not inflict extra damage like en-spell does, though it will allow HP recovery after aggro/Qiqirn fights.
* BLM or RDM might perform better in 60 cap. The walls will have lower HP and Choke, Burn, Shock, and Bio II may do higher relative DoT based on +INT and +Dark Skill gear (reaching 100 INT so that elemental enfeebles produce 4DMG/tic is very important). The walls go down to DoT in about 4 minutes in 60 cap.
* Corsair Card Shot does a consistent amount of DMG every one minute (it can equal WS damage). Combined with Slug Shot this produces excellent DMG output. Also, Corsair buffs help the BLMs and RDMs maintain the MP needed for nonstop nuking and DoT. Corsair can be quite good for this Assault.
* All types of mages should melee in this assault until they need to rest for MP to keep DoTs and nuking consistently. This should not occur often with even rudimentary refresh spells, items or gear.
* Beastmasters and Puppetmasters perform very well in this Assault since the damage caps amplify pets damage relative to players. Automatons WS's will likely match other DDs WS output.
* Due to the per hit damage cut-offs, multi-hit WS tend to produce higher damage output than other WS.
* Damage cut-offs also mean that lower tier nukes tend to produce higher damage/MP ratios than higher tiered nukes. Ancient magics are particularly ineffective here due to their high cast times combined low damage/MP returns.
* Tarutaru should take care to watch their combat log for "out of range" messages while engaged with the Brittle Rocks. Tarutaru just can't reach the rocks if they are positioned poorly!
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PostSubject: Re: Normal Assault Missions for Rank and Items   Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:54 pm

Yea Id love to get some of the assaults done to rank up faster. But as of right now I have 1 extra key a week. So id be able to do one a week with you guys. 
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PostSubject: Re: Normal Assault Missions for Rank and Items   

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Normal Assault Missions for Rank and Items
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