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 A Pirtates Way.

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Decent Challenge
Decent Challenge

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PostSubject: A Pirtates Way.   Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:41 am

I’ve been playing Corsair for some time now. I am far from the best, but, I would like to share what I know with you all. As it seems to be one of the most misconstrued jobs out there, most likely due to the rarity of it. Like Kendrith I’m gonna keep it Dynamis oriented for now.

Phantom Roll this is the flashy slot machine noise thing you all see with some roman numeral popping up when it’s over. This is the Corsairs answer to bard songs. They are party buffs. Some give mp refresh, magic attack bonus, TP Bonus, Etc. They last at least 5 min and you can have two active per Corsair in your party. On average they are at least as good as bard songs and on a good roll can be quite amazing(depending on what is rolled). On the down side the area effect when rolling is kinda small 8” with this Luzaf's Ring you can double it to 16”, but, need mercenary rank Superior Private. More on this later in party section.

Quick Draw is like Gambit throwing cards that blow up on mobs. There are the elemental ones which just do damage and there are some that sleep and dispel effect. Corsairs get 2 charges every min (50 seconds with merits). With the right support job these can do good damage on stats.

On a side note sleep=stun. So on those pain in the ass mobs we need to stun, Light Shot will be helpful.

Also Quick Draw does not give the mob TP and goes right through shadows.

Random Deal this restores at a random job ability every 20 minutes. So, use those Elemental Seals whenever you can.

Wild Card is one of the handiest job abilities in the game. Though it’s luck-based like the rolls, it’s great no matter what your die lands on. If you roll a 1, Wild Card will instantaneously restore about half of your party’s used job abilities to a 00:00 counter; this does not include two-hour abilities, mind you. If you roll a 2, Wild Card will restore all job abilities, excluding two-hours. Rolling a 3 will similarly restore a couple abilities, but will also give everyone in the immediate area a full 100% TP. Rolling a 4 results in a full JA restoration (except two-hours) and a 300% TP increase. A 5 will yield in an instant restoration of most party member’s job abilities including two-hours and restore everyone’s MP by 50%. Finally, rolling the wicked number 6 will result in every single party member’s job ability and two-hour restored and a full 100% of MP restored.

In Dynamis, as a Corsair, your either gonna be in the Black Mage party or a DD party. It’s almost the same thing with but a few small differences.

Black Mage party.

In this party the a Corsairs main function is to make the Black Mages kick ass. You do your Evokers roll to give between 2-4 mp refresh and Wizard’s Roll to give magic attack bonus (between +8 on a bad roll or +16 on a good roll). Due to the chaotic nature of Dynamis, the hardest part is to getting the Black Mages together so you can buff them all. With merits like snake eyes you can double up on missed mages without busting.

In this party since you are getting magic attack bonus yourself, you might as well focus on quick draw damage. Support job Red Mage seems to be the best for +20 magic attack (support job Black Mage will only give +4 more), not to mention the healing support, stone skin, blink and stuff. You can get away with other support jobs if you plan on trying to DD or kite stats. It’s up to your game play style.

After all statues are down/dead and all roll's are going. Feel free to help out main Assist. To be honest if you have the Gil, bullets are the best option, for two reason. Your probably using a staff for Quick Draw (adds about 10-15% more damage) and you don't have to /attack to actually attack, which will keep you more mobile. If you got charges and a pull is not gonna happen soon, Quick Draw.

Damage Dealer Party

Fun time now, If you like to be super busy this is the way. First you buff the mage’s, Evokers roll is fine. Now move on to the melee, give them their two rolls (more on rolls for melee below). Now you can wait and DD with the rest or run up with the mages (you should know how the mages work by now as Corsair), blast some stats with quick draw, run back sleep stuff if you have charges, DD with the main assist, and heal if you have a mage support job. Rinse and repeat for 3 hour or so.

Melee rolls depend on what is in party with you. Accuracy “should” not be a factor in Dynamis too much, due to the fact that they should have some combat merits and eating correctfood. So, hunter roll may be a waste. Here is a list for everyone to see.

Samurai Roll = TP bonus. Store TP is between +26 and +50

Fighters Roll = Double Attack. Average +15% DA up

Tired gonna edit and fix later
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A Pirtates Way.
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