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 Application Template

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Impossible to Gauge

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PostSubject: Application Template   Thu May 27, 2010 9:20 am

Please copy the below template and use it in your application post. Please be advised that currently we are not looking for members. If you are serious about joining the linkshell,
please take the time to fill out your application in detail. The more detailed you are, the better your chances.

In Game Name:

Jobs that you have (list your jobs and it's level):

Our Runs are Monday and Friday Gather at 11:00pm EST and we enter at 11:59pm EST. Are you able to make both days & times? If not, let us know what days you can make:

Have you read and understood all rules in the Dynamis information section?:

Dynamis can last up to 3+ hours. Will you be able to make the late night entry and still stay focused and follow instruction for the duration of the entire run with little to none AFK's?:

What experience do you have with Dynamis? (be detail oriented, we want to know everything about your dynamis experience):

Nothing in FFXI requires as much teamwork like Dynamis, are you willing to take the initiative and come as a job that we are short on? Example: you want to come as Samurai and we have enough DD's but not enough Whm's, will you take the initiative and change to Whm (provided you have whm leveled) for the benefit of the linkshell? If not, why?

Please tell us a little more about yourself as a Final Fantasy player (be detailed oriented, list your accomplishments, how well you work with others, what your goals are, how do you handle conflict with other members, etc):

Lastly, Why do you want to be a part of Megadynamis?:

*** Notice - Due to having a member bank, we are only looking for the most dedicated members. We discourage members picking and choosing the zones they come too. If we notice a pattern, your pearl will be broken. Consider this your warning.
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Application Template
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