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 Megadynamis Rules & General Conduct

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PostSubject: Megadynamis Rules & General Conduct   Thu May 27, 2010 6:15 pm

The most important rule is have fun. Nothing in FFxi requires as much teamwork as dynamis. Please know and understand all rules to make the runs go smoothly.


1. Everyone is expected to put full effort into a Dynamis run they attend. Examples of lack of effort include but are not limited to the following:
- Frequently going AFK or standing Idle while you should be doing something
- Using dynamis to skill up a weapon or magic skill
- Not bringing the proper medicines, ethers, RR items, etc.
- Running away and hiding during a big link without permission from leadership.
- Not using abilities that you are instructed to use (Ex. RDM not sleeping adds or PLD not using provoke).
- Coming as a job that is not very useful in dynamis when other jobs are available to you
- If you see we are short on jobs and you have that job available don't wait to be told to change to that job, take the initiative
- Using a trial weapon (these are not the best weapons in the game so don't even bother saying it, also you cant get WS points in Dynamis anyway)

2. If you are instructed by the linkshell leader or your alliance leader to do something and refuse to do it you will be warned. If this behavior continues corrective action will be taken by linkshell leadership. (negative points, D2, /pearlbreak)

3. Offensive language or gestures towards any members/leaders of MegaDynamis, DarkMD, and NewLovLimbus linkshells will result in expulsion from any and/or all of the listed linkshells. We have a zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. If you accidentally or purposely offend someone an immediate apology is expected. If the behavior continues your pearl will be broken. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

4. The linkshell chat must remain free of chatter during a run. Anything in the linkshell chat is important, so everyone needs to pay close attention to it at all times.

5. All members MUST type [/auto target off] before entering dynamis. This is to prevent you from attacking the wrong mob.

6 - Never melee (hit) a statue unless told to do so, normally this would be a THF with TH4! Statues are easily defeated with magic and are easily "Kited"

7 - Always keep SMN pets, BST pets, and DRG pets slept

8 - All DD's make sure you have 2 /assist macros, one for the MAIN ASSIST, and one for the BACK UP ASSIST. The main and back up assist will be announced prior
to entering Dynamis. You are not to attack anything unless your /assist macro targets first!!!

9 - NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE is to go ahead of the main assist/back up assist unless told to do so by a leader. Repeated offense of this will get you warped out!

10 - Everyone is to accept whatever "Raise" is given to you. Raise II & Raise III are not guaranteed. If you want anything higher than "Raise 1" you are responsible to bring your own reraise item.

11 - If everyone around you is dying, DO NOT RUN AWAY, TAKE THE DEATH!!! Dynamis is a timed event and it will be faster if you take the death next to everyone so that the mobs reset. By doing this we can raise and get unweakened faster!

12 - AFTER ENTERING DYNAMIS ALL MEMBERS MUST PUT THEIR GLASS IN BAZAAR FOR 1gil. If you fall asleep a leader will buy it (forcing you out of dynamis)so we don't lose any items at the end of a run. We realize we are a late night linkshell and for some its a struggle to stay awake. If you fall asleep or go afk to long then you will be d2'ed out. It is possible for us to miss that you went afk or fell asleep. If you are one that has a hard time staying awake then your auto disconnect should be on. Zzz or afk in dynamis can lead to agro on repops making some pulls link. It Can also lead to Lost relic. IF YOU COST SOMEONE TO LOSE AF YOU WILL RECEIVE A 10 POINT PENALTY,2ND OFFENSE WILL RESULT IN BEING KICKED FROM THE LS.
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Megadynamis Rules & General Conduct
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