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 Obtaining Attestations/Fragments and/or Attestation NM kills for Relic Trial

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PostSubject: Obtaining Attestations/Fragments and/or Attestation NM kills for Relic Trial   Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:12 pm

On all of our Beaucedine Glacier runs, we knock out all 5 NM towers. If you are on a Relic Trial for Attestation NM kills, chances are you do not need a Dynamis Linkshell. We are willing to let you join us on a Glacier run to get your Attestation NM kill for 1mil gil per run. You will not be obligated to make other zones but you will be subject to our scheduled runs. If you are interested please post an application and state that you are joining us to get your Relic Trial kills. Payment of 1mil Gil is due before entering Glacier. If unsuccessful, your gil will be returned.

If you are someone in the process of upgrading a relic weapon and need the actual Attestation and/or Fragment we are willing to sell you the Attestation/Fragment for 5Mil gil. You will wait outside until the Attestation/Fragment drops, once it drops our mule will bazarr a glass for 5mil in which you can purchase the glass, enter and lot on your Attestation/Fragment....This option is for those who are just coming for attestations/Fragments. If you plan on joining us fulltime you will not be charged gil, however we will monitor your attendnace patterns.

We have discounted the Relic Trial kills because these people have suffered enough through the upgrade process and had to endure the trials after getting to stage 5.
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Obtaining Attestations/Fragments and/or Attestation NM kills for Relic Trial
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