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 Rules & General Conduct and Lotting Policy

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PostSubject: Rules & General Conduct and Lotting Policy   Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:38 pm

Everyone is expected to start with 120 minutes (4 stones). Our Abyssea runs are a minimum of 2 hours. It is a good idea to get all conflux for each zone. This will help you move around in abyssea since time is against us and we need to work quickly.

1. Everyone is expected to put full effort into an Abyssea run they attend. Examples of lack of effort include but are not limited to the following:
- Frequently going AFK or standing Idle while you should be doing something (time is against us in Abyssea we need to work fast)
- Using our Abyssea run to skill up a weapon or magic skill (if you want to skill up a weapon/magic skill go into an abyssea exp party don’t waste OUR time!!!)
- Not bringing the proper medicines, ethers, RR items, etc.
- Coming as a job that is not very useful in abyssea when other jobs are available to you. (we have objectives to get & triggers to proc, you will come as you are instructed!)
- Using a trial weapon (these are not the best weapons in the game so don't even bother saying it)

2. If you are instructed by the linkshell leader or your alliance leader to do something and refuse to do it you will be warned. If this behavior continues corrective action will be taken by linkshell leadership. (warning/pearlbreak)

3. Offensive language or gestures towards any members/leaders of MegaDynamis, DarkMD, and NewLovLimbus linkshells will result in expulsion from any and/or all of the listed linkshells. We have a zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. If you accidentally or purposely offend someone an immediate apology is expected. If the behavior continues your pearl will be broken. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

4. The linkshell chat must remain free of chatter during a run. Anything in the linkshell chat is important, so everyone needs to pay close attention to it at all times.

5. Everyone is to accept whatever "Raise" is given to you. Raise II & Raise III are not guaranteed. If you want anything higher than "Raise 1" you are responsible to bring your own reraise item.

Lotting Policy

Lotting - Gear, Weapons, Seals, Coins/Stones/Jewels etc.
For Abyssea the method we use for lotting is totally different from dynamis. The method we use is based on your listed Main and Secondary jobs. This will give you eligibility on lotting certain items that may drop from abyssea. This does not affect the jobs you will be in abyssea, this is merely a method of obtaining gear, seals, coins/jewels/stones, and weapons. Choose wisely as this list is permanent, and if changes are made, they will only be changed on a monthly basis. Everyone is to list 1 Main job and 1 secondary job.

Example: If RDM feet seals drop, we will announce all those that have listed RDM as their Main job to lot on the seals, if no one lots, we will then announce those that have listed RDM as their secondary job to lot on seals. If no one lots after calling secondary, we will announce freelot to all.

Everyone will be given 6 items that they can put on their wishlist it does NOT have to be Main/Secondary based (do not include Shinryu/Paradox items). To prevent hoarding of items you may update this list once a month. This way members are not updating it right before a particular run. If an item drops, all those that have it in their wishlist will be called “by name” to lot on the item. Again your wishlist does not have to be Main/Secondary based.

Brewing an NM
Should we ask you to brew an NM and you are willing to do it. You will be given first choice on 1 item that it drops.

2 items (Coins, Jewels, Stones, Cards)
These items will be based on your Main/Secondary Job list. You must have the 1 version in order to lot on these items.
Order of priority will be as follows
1 - Main job with +1
2 - Secondary job with +1
3 - Main job without +1
4 - Secondary without +1

Here is a list of the 2 items that you will need

stones of vision: WAR, WHM, THF, BRD, RNG
jewels of vision: MNK RDM, SAM, COR, PUP
coins of vision: BLM, DRK, BST, NIN, SMN
cards of vision: PLD, DRG, BLU, DNC, SCH

stones of balance: WAR, BLM, NIN, BLU, PUP
jewels of balance: MNK, BST, RNG, SAM, SCH
coins of balance: RDM, THF, PLD, DRK, BRD
cards of balance: WHM, DRG, SMN, COR, DNC

stones of voyage: WAR, RDM, PLD, DRK, SMN
jewels of voyage: WHM, THF, BRD, SAM PUP
coins of voyage: MNK, BLU, COR, DNC, SCH
cards of voyage: BLM, BST, RNG, NIN , DRG

Jewel of Wieldance: BLM, BRD, MNK, SAM, SMN
Card of Wieldance: PLD, NIN, DRG, COR, PUP
Stone of Wieldance: THF, WAR, RDM, SCH, BST
Coin of Wieldance: WHM, DRK, RNG, BLU, DNC

Card of Ardor: BST, DRG, SCH, MNK, WHM
Coin of Ardor: THF, DRK, RNG, SMN, COR
Stone of Ardor: PLD, WAR, BRD, NIN, BLU
Jewel of Ardor: BLM, DNC, PUP, RDM, SAM
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Rules & General Conduct and Lotting Policy
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