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 Lotting rules and point system

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Impossible to Gauge
Impossible to Gauge

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PostSubject: Lotting rules and point system   Thu May 27, 2010 6:18 pm


Please read and understand the following rules about lotting on Armor, Weapons, Items, Ancient Currency, and Wootz Ore while participating in Dynamis. If you do not understand something, please ask! It is better to understand everything then to get scolded by leaders during a run.


Ancient Currency - These items are only to be lotted by the leader or a trusted member of the leader. These items will be sold and go toward monthly payouts to members and leaders. We will NOT announce when the paydays are. This is to avoid people abusing the payday system by only showing up on paydays. In otherwords "SUPRISE IT'S PAYDAY".


Armor - Before entering Dynamis everyone may comment on 2 jobs that they want Relic armor for. List a primary and/or a secondary gear. List it in the priority that you would like to recieve it. The comments must be in your search comments (/seacom). The Jobs that you are commenting on must be a job level of 65+. You may be asked to change to that job to prove that you are in NEED of this armor. Comments will be manually taken down prior to entering dynamis. This is to keep people from changing their comment after entering dynamis. If you have a NEED to change your comment after entering dynamis (before obtaining any gear), you MUST tell a leader what you are changing it too. No unauthorized lotting. You MUST wait for your name to be called before you lot.

Freelot Process

Should there be armor that no one commented on (primary or secondary), everyone with a level 65+ for that particular job will be asked to send a /tell.

(Job) 65+ send /tell - only level 65+ of that job will be able to lot
(no points will be used)

If no one answers to the above then the armor becomes freelot and the leader will announce (JOB) FREELOT. Once announced as FREELOT, anyone may lot on this piece regardless of job level and no points will be deducted

Weapons - ALL WEAPONS ARE FREELOT! Feel free to lot on all weapons


Items - ALL ITEMS THAT ARE NOT Weapons, Armor, and Ancient Currency are "FREEFALL". This means you CANNOT LOT on these items, and will just fall to whoever it falls too. If you lot on these items you will be asked to pass, if you do not pass you will be warped out, have points deducted and/or your linkpearl will be crushed. NO EXCEPTIONS!



Each Dynamis Linkshell has their own point system. Our point system is a little different and will be strongly based on attendance/being on time and staying for the full run. We understand there are times when you will not be able to make a run or may have to leave early. However, when you miss a run the rest of the linkshell must work a little harder to complete the task at hand.

Gaining/losing points as follows:

You have the potential to earn 10 points per run provided you enter on time and stay for the complete run. Leaving right after the Mega Boss is defeated or leaving before the leader calls the end of the run will result in you not earning maximum points.

2 points = Entering Dynamis on time (you have a 30 minute grace period from when we enter)
3 points add'l = Completing Dynamis Run from start to finish (you do not qualify for this if you enter late or leave early regardless of how long you stayed)
5 points add'l = Commenting that you are doing the run for linkshell support and will not be lotting on gear (you must enter on time and stay for complete run to receive these additional points) FREELOT does not affect this.
2 points = If you enter after the 30 minute grace period you may only earn 2 points. You do not qualify for the 3 point completion or 5 point support points as described above.
No extra points = Leaving early or entering late (after 30 minute grace period)

Cost of Relic (regular dynamis zones)

Cities - 5 points
Beaucedine - 10 points
Xarcabard - 15 points
Shadow lord drops (ring and mantle) 50 points (no reserve/lock available). There is no reserve/lock for these items.

To be eligible for Shadow lord drops you must meet the following
1 - Have 50 points prior to entering the Xarcabard run
2 - You must have attended the last 5 runs and stayed for the full duration of each run prior to the Xarcabard run.
3 - Those that can only make runs part time (every other run or every other week) are required to make a consectutive 5 runs out of the last 10 runs in order to be eligible. Example: for someone who can only make Mondays are required to make the last 5 Mondays.

Dreamworld Zones Costs of Relic

Valkurm - 5 points
Buburimu - 5 points
Qufim - 5 points
Tavnazia - 10 points
Belts/capes= 15 points
AF-1= 10 points
Hydra gear - 15 points

Dreamworld zones you may comment as follows:
1 regurlar armor
1 accessory (belt/cape)
1 -AF (if you have the regular armor that goes with this piece)
1 Hydra gear (Tavnazia only)
*** You must have the points in order to comment please see above for costs ***

Reserving Gear - 50 points

Sponsoring runs - 25 points - see Sponsoring Runs section for details on how you can sponsor runs.


The point cap is 50. You can never go over 50 points. Once you reach 50 points you may lock up (reserve) a piece. If you wish to reserve relic, your name, job and dynamis zone will be recorded on the reserved forum. Reserving gear can only be done on the forum and must be done at least 1 day prior to the run. If you do not have website access, please have a leader/officer reserve the gear for you. When more than one person reserves the same piece for the same zone, it goes to the first person to lock it up. Should another piece drop, it will go to the next person in line. Once you reserve your relic armor the points will be subtracted. The following is an example.


(Reserved 3/10/10 this part will be time stamped by the website)

(Reserved 3/11/10 this part will be time stamped by the website)

When the SAM drops in Bastok it would go to Mr.Mud since he locked it up first. Should a second SAM drop in the same run, it would go to Mrs. Mud since she locked it up 2nd. This rewards senior members while giving newer members a chance to catch up. It's up to the individual how they wish to use points. You can rack them up and reserve relic or use them as you get them. You can ONLY reserve relic when you reach 50 and NEVER before. You must wait for the points to be updated on the website before reserving gear!

Level limit for relic is the following
-Cities 65+
-Beaucedine 65+
-Xarcabard 65+
-All Dreamworld zones 65+

Last edited by Jrc on Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:01 am; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Updated commenting rules and level limit restrictions)
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Impossible to Gauge
Impossible to Gauge

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PostSubject: Re: Lotting rules and point system   Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:14 pm

Added in Dreamworld specifics....Jrc
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PostSubject: Re: Lotting rules and point system   Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:05 am

Updated comment rule and level limit restriction to 65+ across the board

Updated original city comment rule - Originally you could comment 2 and only obtain 1 however with the new drop rate increase we have lifted this restriction you may now obtain 2 commented items.

Updated original Northland comment rule - Originally you could comment 1 and only obtain 1 (unless freelot). However with the new drop rate increase we have mirrored the city zones.

Dreamland zones remain the same 1 AF, 1 -AF, 1 accessory, and 1 Hydra gear if applicable.
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PostSubject: Re: Lotting rules and point system   

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Lotting rules and point system
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